• Some allow others to treat them with kindness and love. Others avoid this and run from it.
  • Some take reasonable and calculated risks to grow and create a better quality of life; Others take unhealthy, dangerous risks (or never take risks at all), and create a lessor quality of life.
  • Some get involved in situations that are safe, nurturing, self-growth facilitating, and that engender happiness. Others don’t, and/or just settle.
  • Some eat in a healthy way. Others don’t,  and eat too much, too little, and/or in a non-nutritious way.
  • Some show self-respect, self-love, and self-kindness. Others don’t; and treat their selves poorly, or in ways that are excessive.

What can the reason be?  A person who takes better care of the her/his self, has a good self-perception, and views her/his inner, core SELF as intrinsically and inherently GVLWIDS (pronounced: gih-vil’-wids). This stands for: Good, Valuable, Worthwhile, Important, Deserving (of a good quality of life), and Strong (resilient, competent, capable).  You and every HUMAN BEING is GVLWIDS. When you truly know, believe and accept this, you will do whatever is necessary to take care of your self, and do the right thing for your self (and others). You will know you are worth it.

If you are feeling unhappy, angry, anxious, upset, behaving poorly towards yourself and others, and think you are going nowhere, most likely you are not valuing your inner core-self enough in order to create the opportunities that you and others are deserving of.

At THE CENTER FOR BEHAVIOR THERAPY,  you can learn to change your poor self-perception (PSP) into a good self-perception (GSP), and permanently change your life for the better. Safe, supportive, confidential and caring; No judgement.