About Us, and Concern For You.

We are experienced, licensed psychologists and social workers who truly care—for more than 30 years. Like the many before you, we can help you understand yourself and others, without being judgmental, and help you reduce the stress and pain in your life. Call us. We can really help.

The Center for Behavior Therapy is a comprehensive facility of clinical professionals specializing in a significant array of psychological and psychiatric services for adults, adolescents, children, couples, and families. In addition, The Center offers an extensive divorce mediation service under the direction of an experienced attorney/psychotherapist and accredited member of the NY State Council of Divorce Mediation.

The philosophy of The Center focuses on offering a safe environment for those that seek our professional guidance, the ability reduce and eliminate their distress and develop a much better quality of life for themselves.

“It’s a nurturing, caring and non-judgmental environment, where I was able to actively engage in the therapeutic process, personally taking control of my own goals and timelines. The psychologist had an interactive approach that was focused and forward moving. I didn’t feel like I was talking to the wall. Most of all, there was growth and healing that didn’t take forever to happen.”